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Miss Vincent sind vier Outsider aus Southampton, UK. Die Band spielt melodischen Punk Rock mit 80er New Wave Einflüssen. In den letzten Jahren sind die Hobbys der Band "im Stau stehen", "auf Fußböden schlafen" und "für jeden zu spielen, den es interessiert" geworden. Diesen natürlichen Reifeprozess hört man in ihren Songs. Es geht um vergebliche Romanzen, den Verlust der Unschuldigkeit, das Erwachsenwerden. Wir brauchen in dieser Welt einen Platz für all die "positiven" Weirdos und Miss Vincent bieten den perfekten Soundtrack dafür.

Miss Vincent is made up of four Outsiders, and we want to bring the romance back into rock’n’roll. We want to give Losers, Drapes and Underdogs a place to belong. Over the past few years, our main hobbies have become sleeping on floors, sitting in traffic, and playing to anyone who would listen. From Guildford to Glasgow we toured every dive bar we could find. All of this has ultimately led up to writing and recording our favorite songs to date. 
The result is a statement of who we are as a band and are the songs that we’ve always known we had in us. They are about a loss of innocence, turning adversity on its head, and Romance. Some bands join an existing scene and skyrocket quickly - we’ve built our band on a solid foundation of making lasting bonds through group exorcism in tiny, sticky-floored venues. Punk rock has always been a place for weirdos, and we need that now as much as we ever did. We are Miss Vincent and everyone is welcome.

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